Signature 4 Week

Commit to yourself, commit to your health - our most popular four week plan. 
Our signature package will feed one person for approximately five days (appetite depending). Clients love it as an ongoing conscious eating plan, to share for daily family meals (we provide pairing and stretching instructions on request) or as a couples share. This plan provides consistency and allows you to reach and maintain your health goals.

Delivery includes:

4 x 32 oz jars containing a combination of: Nourishing soups, Vibrant salads, Bountiful Buddha bowls (2 to 3 servings each)2 x 24 oz glass flats containing a combination of: fresh crisp crudités and creative entrées (2 servings each)2 x 4 oz delectable dips (2 servings each)3 x Superfood Smoothies (1 serving each)1 x 6 oz Chia Pudding (2 servings)Guiltless Treat