Good Food Good Mood

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Good Food Good Mood

Feeling blue? Or maybe just a little blah?

We believe food is one of our best means of self-care, and what we put into our body can have a huge impact on how we feel. You are what you eat - and the science is quickly catching up to support this!

In fact - In 2017, the first-ever study to look at diet as a primary treatment for clinical depression was published in Australia. The study was aptly called the SMILES Trial. (Supporting Modification of Lifestyle in Lower Emotional States). While there has been much research looking at the link between the foods we eat and our mental health, the SMILES Trial is a study that shows the affects of diet as a primary treatment for depression is now considered the gold standard of this research.

Below, we are sharing eight foods that are known to help ease stress, improve mood, relieve anxiety or help fight depression. Cheers to good food and better moods!


A cupful of colorful berries is an absolute delight to look at. But more than that, it is the perfect snack for your health and happiness. Berries are rich in the photoychemicals called anthocyanins -that are found in find deeply pigmented red, blue, and purple foods. These are great for the brain as they are powerful antioxidants and help reduce inflammation that is linked to depression. Anthocyanins have also been shown to improve memory, strengthen the heart and fight cancer. Plus….Berries are low in calories (about 50 calories for 1/2 cup) yet rich in many vitamins and minerals: Vitamin C, manganese, Vitamin K1, copper, and folate.That’s why they are one of our favorite superfoods, and a key ingredient in our delicious, daily Good Clean Smoothies!

Good Mood Recipe: Berry Beautiful Smoothie Bowl


Finally! Science backs up what we already knew….chocolate does make you happy! Dark chocolate, in its purest form, (cacao) contains antioxidants, and several compounds that work with your brain’s chemistry to promote feeling good. One of these magical compounds, phenylethylamine, is the chemical that produces the euphoric feeling of “falling in love”, triggers the release of endorphins and increases both dopamine and serotonin activity in the brain! Of course, when it comes to chocolate - quality matters! The higher the cacao content, the more nutritious the chocolate, and the more beneficial the effects..

Good Mood Recipe: Cherry Chocolate Smoothie


On a bad day, sipping a warm cup of tea can be just the thing to soothe your senses, calm your nerves and brighten your mood. How can a simple cup of tea accomplish so much? According to research it's thanks to super high levels of antioxidants and the compound l-theanine, which can affect everything from your sleep, stress, focus, and brain health to your immune system. L-theanine is also know to improve mood and reduce anxiety by boosting serotonin, dopamine, and GABA - all three critical neurotransmitters that naturally improve mood and brain health. Plus, we find comfort in the ritual of brewing the perfect cup of tea, inhaling the aroma, and taking a minute to relax, meditate and find our center again.

Good Mood Recipe: Matcha Latte


Not to be dramatic, but we believe that eating leafy greens is the most profound way to transform your health. and vitality. And we aren’t talking about a small side salad - the real magic happens at about 3 to 5 cups vibrant greens every single day. Kale is our personal favorite, but spinach, arugula, collards, watercress, micro greens and chard are also great sources of fiber, folate, magnesium, chlorophyl and vitamins C and A. If you’re not a fan of salads, add greens to soups, stews, stir fries and smoothies, or turn them into a pesto. We also love adding a small serving of seaweed (the “leafy green of the sea”) to our plates as a source of iodine, fiber, zinc and additional phytonutrients.

Good Mood Recipe: The BEST Green Smoothie and Roasted Kale Chips


We have been talking a lot lately about the health benefits of fermented foods like yogurt, kimichi, kombucha, miso and sauerkraut. The live probiotics in these foods help to promote a healthy gut microbiome - which affects EVERYTHING about your health and well being, including better moods, less anxiety, and reduced risk of depression. 90% of your bodies serotonin is produced in the gut - so a healthy gut is non-negotiable when it comes to mood management. The science of fermentation runs deep but in short: the fermentation process allows live bacteria to thrive in foods that are then able to convert sugars into alcohol and acids. During this process, naturally occurring probiotics are created. When you ingest these food, the live microorganisms support the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut which can support serotonin production. Happy gut = happy mood. Enjoy fermented foods daily, and take a high quality probiotic supplement if you feel you aren’t getting enough.

Good Mood Recipe: Homemade Kimchi


Pass the walnuts, please! Nuts and seeds such as walnuts, chia, flax, and hemp seeds are all great plant based sources of omega-3 fatty acids. These fats are known to reduce symptoms of depression, and studies have shown that they can also help support those who suffer from anxiety. In addition to healthy fats, nuts and seeds are also high in plant-based proteins, and fiber. Additionally, they provide tryptophan, an amino acid responsible for producing mood-boosting serotonin (win!). Excellent sources include almonds, peanuts, cashews, and walnuts, as well as super seeds: pumpkin, sesame, and sunflower. Lastly, certain nuts and seeds such as Brazil and pine nuts, are good sources of zinc and selenium - which can be tough-to-come-by nutrients. Deficiency in these minerals, which are important for brain function, is associated with higher rates of depression. You can see why we are nuts for nuts! Popping these powerhouses is not to be underrated.

Good Mood Recipe: Seedy Tahini Squares


Cold water fish like wild salmon, are among the natural world's best sources of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for brain health. Seafood is also a good source of vitamin B12, selenium, iron, zinc and protein. If you like to consume fish, but don’t love to prepare it, we highly recommend this Non-GMO wild pink salmon from Thrive Market, super easy to toss on top of a salad in a pinch!

If you don’t eat fish, chia seeds, flax seeds and sea vegetables are also good sources of omega-3s.

Good Mood Recipe: LC’s Baked Salmon With Parmesan Herb Crust


We love medicinal mushrooms, aka functional or adaptogenic mushrooms (not the trippy kind) for so many reasons - and mood management is one of them. Medicinal mushrooms are now widely available, in powder form, as a therapeutic food supplement that can benefit your whole being. Some benefits of medicinal mushrooms include:

  • Immune support + gut healing

  • Hormonal regulation

  • Nourishment for the adrenal glands

  • Improvement in cognitive function including memory and concentration

  • Increasing performance and endurance

  • Anti-aging effects

  • Calming the mind and reducing anxiety

One of the key components in our signature Calming Coco is reishi. Reishi has a powerful capability to calm the mind and spirit. It soothes the nervous system and has anti-inflammatory effects, which can aid in mood support and help ease feeling of anxiety. Now available as an optional “add-on” along with our Magical Morning Matcha!