A Year of Good Clean Eating!
A Year of Good Clean Eating!

A whole year (40 weeks) of good, clean eating, with a savings of $36 per week ($1445 for the year)!

40 weeks of deliveries (no delivery during weeks our kitchens are closed + flexible for travel, previous purchases, etc.)

Each season pass comes with a branded, sustainable, paper made shopping bag!

Each week includes:
4 x 32 oz jars containing a combination of nourishing soups, vibrant salads, bountiful Buddha bowls (2 to 3 servings each)
2 x 24 oz glass flats containing a combination of: fresh crisp crudités and creative entrées (2 servings each)
2 x 4 oz delectable dips (2 servings each)
3 x Superfood Smoothies (1 serving each)
1 x 6 oz Chia Pudding (2 servings)
Guiltless Treat

Would you like to add to your order?

Smoothie Add-On (Set of 3)
Smoothie (Set of 3) (+$39.00)
Crudités + Dips Add-On
Crudités + Dips (+$36.00)
Soup Add-On
Soup (+$36.00)
Salad Add-On
Salad (+$36.00)
Buddha Bowl Add-On
Buddha Bowl (+$36.00)
Entrée Add-On
Entrée (+$36.00)
Chia Add-On
Chia (+$14.00)
Guiltless Treat Add-On
Guiltless Treat (+$14.00)
Morning Matcha Add-On
Morning Matcha (+$39.00)
Calming Coco Add-On
Calming Coco (+$39.00)
Mindful Mocha Add On
Mindful Mocha (+$39.00)


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