Team Tuesday: Living Well, Eating Well

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Team Tuesday: Living Well, Eating Well

At Tuesday Foods, we integrate our passion for health and wellness not just into our food, but also through the dynamic (sometimes bad-ass!) lifestyles of our team members. Everyone who works at Tuesday Foods contributes their unique energy and dedication, helping to build a company culture that's as spirited and fun as it is health-conscious. Here's a glimpse into how our diverse team members maintain their health and fitness, reflecting our holistic approach to wellness in every aspect of our business. Go team!

Kelly: Grace and Strength Through Pilates


Kelly Hollins, our co-owner and Head Chef is an accomplished athlete, outdoor enthusiast, and former D1 Lacrosse player! She loves the art of Pilates to strengthen her core and align her body and mind. Her favorite studio in the valley? Freebird Pilates owned by former Tuesday Foods cook, Elly Harder! We miss Elly in the kitchen, but we love supporting her dream of opening a Pilates studio in Carbondale, Colorado. Kelly’s Pilates practice is where she finds balance - offering her the poise and strength necessary to perform both in the kitchen and beyond. Her dedication to fitness not only enhances her physical health but also elevates her mood, creativity and well being - serving as a testament to the balance we cherish at Tuesday Foods.

LC: Mindful Movements, Mindful Meals

Lisa Cohen, our co-owner and Nutritionist, loves all of the outdoor activities our mmountain town has to offer - skiing the slopes, biking the trails and hiking the peaks whenever she can. She is a former competitive gymnast and coach, but these days she finds her zen and ups her fitness game at Vimana Yoga in Basalt, Colorado. Her yoga practice is seamlessly intertwined with her nutritional philosophy, advocating for a balanced lifestyle that nourishes both the body and soul. At Tuesday Foods, LC’s holistic approach influences every aspect of our offerings, ensuring that each product not only tastes good but also promotes optimal health and well-being.

Tara: Trailblazing Wellness

Tara (affectionately known as “T”!) our right hand gal, and a vibrant member of our Tuesday Foods team explores the verdant paths of Oregon, where running transcends physical activity to become a form of moving meditation. The discipline of her sport reflects the discipline she brings to her work, pushing limits and setting pace, both on the trail and in the office. T’s dedication to running is a mirror to her commitment to our mission, showcasing how dynamic movement fuels not just the body but also innovative thinking at Tuesday Foods. When she’s not running the trails in Oregon, you can find her kite surfing the waves at their winter home in Mexico!

Connie: Building Strength, Crafting Success

At Tuesday Foods, each team member’s journey is a vital part of our story. We celebrate their individual paths to wellness because they enrich our collective journey towards a healthier, more fulfilled community. Join us as we embrace a life where balance, health, and passion are not just ideals, but realities we live and share every day.