Tasting Tuesday Foods {Chapter 3: A Perfect Medley...}

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Tasting Tuesday Foods {Chapter 3: A Perfect Medley...}



Tuesday Foods Blog Series

Day 3. A Perfect Medley: Food, Friends & Family

By Ali Kennedy

Unfortunately life doesn’t always come with a cherry on top. Sometimes it can be the real pits. Especially when cancer and a dear friend are involved. When I’m feeling most helpless, feeding my friends and family is one of the few actionable ways I know how to help. I suspect the practice soothes my soul as much as it does those I care about. It’s my instinct and default. Tuesday Foods gave me an amazing reason to get everyone together on a Friday night for a true feast.

The Crew

  • 3 bad ass families who love being together

  • 4 rowdy teens/tweens plus one adorable pipsqueak

  • 6 seriously middle age adults

  • 4 mischievous dogs

The Feast

As I’ve mentioned before, Tuesday Foods is nothing short of abundant. When I ordered Tuesday Foods for the week, I never imagined I would literally have enough food to feed not only my family, but my extended “chosen” family with ease. And that’s exactly what I was able to do and with a hell of a lot of pride and abundance. What was on the menu?

We were all literally gaga over both. Let me start with the signature salad… 

YEEHAW! This baby is scrum-diddly-licious! I mean seriously, who can conjure a palate pleaser like this? Not many. I’m talkin’ crunchy veggies sized just right, light and fluffy quinoa, smooth and creamy tahini and a sunflower seed currant topper. To sweeten the deal even more, this salad is not only beautiful with its rainbow of colors, but vitamin packed. 

With every bite I wanted more, simply because it’s that darn good, both the tastes and the textures. I see why it’s a Tuesday Foods signature dish… it’s basically perfection. 

Now do(‘nt) get me started on the Spring Green Buddha Bowl. Damn she’s one unexpectedly delicious surprise. I think we all felt that way. Who seriously knew that brussel sprouts, fresh asparagus, green cabbage, cucumber, Japanese sweet potatoes, jasmine rice, scallions and edamame were a thing? Topped with a tangy miso dressing and Calgon, take me away! 

The ingredients were so unbelievably fresh. The greens so green and vibrant, the asparagus bright and bursting with flavor, the rice soft and just right for soaking up some of the creamy miso. 

For serving, we decided to go the lightly heated route since it was dinner after all. I did however try the Spring Green Buddha Bowl unheated first and I’m here to say this dish delivers either way—warm or cool. IMHO, I’d go non-heated for a kick-ass lunch and heated for a savory dinner. Regardless, I’m glad some genius in the Tuesday Foods kitchen thought to put these ingredients together because “♫ baby it’s worth it ♫”. 

Thank you Tuesday Foods! Your food was the centerpiece of a special evening shared with special friends and family. 

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