Tasting Tuesday Foods {Chapter 2: Of Gods + Goddesses}

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Tasting Tuesday Foods {Chapter 2: Of Gods + Goddesses}



Day 2. Of Gods & Goddesses

By Ali Kennedy

Holy moly, I think I may have died and gone to heaven (on earth). That’s where Tuesday Food’s Tikka Masala takes me… to a faraway place where aromatic spices like coriander, garam masala and paprika rule. Enchanting the senses and captivating the imagination. 

This dish is a veritable orgasim for the taste buds. Exquisitely roasted cauliflower, chickpeas and butternut squash accented by more spices than I can name. A perfectly balanced blend of sweet and savory, exotic yet familiar flavors, topped with a cool and tangy tzatziki that truly titillates.

Tuesday Food’s Tikka Masala is one of my very favorite dishes and I don’t say that lightly. It’s that special AND delicious. The genius who concocted this masterpiece gets the head seat at my table any day. And by that I really mean the head chef in my kitchen hopefully every day… while I hold down the table 😉.

A quick aside—did you know that tikka masala isn’t actually a dish that originated from India? Me either, who’d have thunk’d it?! It was certainly inspired by India’s famed butter chicken, but as near as anyone can tell, tikka masala was actually born out of the UK and is an excellent example of fusion cuisine.

Getting back on track… 

Where Tuesday Food’s Tikka Masala is my food god, their cauliflower soup is my food goddess. She’s silky and smooth, rich and creamy. Topped with spiced roasted chickpeas, she’s downright irresistible—hence why they call it “Golden Goddess Soup”. The name comes as much from its rich “golden” color—thank you turmeric for your brilliant showmanship—as it does its show stopping flavor. Bottomline, she’s a runway hit!

I’m happy to report that my food-dar seems to be pretty spot on. My sentiments about Tuesday Foods’ Tikka Masala and Golden Goddess Soup were universally shared by my family and friends. Pretty much everyone thought I was the bomb.com for serving such ass-kicking, plant based food. Even the devout meat lovers among us admitted that Tuesday Foods is really damn good at what they do. Not to mention, I spied them eagerly coming back for seconds…

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