Tasting Tuesday Foods {Chapter 1 : Abundance}

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Tasting Tuesday Foods {Chapter 1 : Abundance}




By Ali Kennedy

Is it just me, or does everyone get giddy when a package appears at their front door? Especially when it’s gourmet food that someone else has lovingly and skillfully prepared. 

Giddy is EXACTLY how I felt the other day when I realized our dog Buster wasn’t barking at a passing four-legged imposter, but instead, a spunky young woman delivering culinary delights in a tote. 

That’s when I realized, it’s TUESDAY! The best day of the week. My Tuesday Foods order had arrived (cue happy dance). Thankfully, I’m a regular at OrangeTheory fitness because it took some serious muscle to get the bag from my porch to the kitchen. The tote was literally filled to the brim with an abundance of ready-made meals. 

I’m here to tell you, Tuesday Foods doesn’t mess around. They take two things very seriously: 1. Feeding people abundantly with knock-your-socks-off plant-based meals and 2. Being gentle on the planet. They do both with gusto.

I always relish unpacking Tuesday Foods, and I am happy to report that my husband Mike did NOT beat me to it (this time). He kindly thinks he’s doing me a favor, when in reality, he’s inadvertently swiping a little piece of my joy when he gets to it before me.

There’s something about all of the colorful jars bursting with fresh ingredients and yet-to-be-discovered flavors that sends me to my happy place. Each jar is perfectly layered with a rainbow of fresh foods and is as much an art form as it is delicious ready-made meals. Just the sight of it stimulates my senses, kicking my endorphins into blissful overdrive.

The sheer abundance of Tuesday Foods’ deliveries truly amazes me. It’s a veritable feast with something for everyone. And they don’t cut corners on anything… quality, quantity, freshness, taste, you name it. Every Tuesday, after I’ve cleared off at least half a shelf in the fridge to display my fresh jars and snacks, the big question becomes what to try FIRST?! This is not a decision I take lightly. On the contrary. I put as much thought and strategy into it as I do any other important life decision 😉

That’s when it hits me: eat what everyone else in the house is going to want, but that there is a limited quantity of… (I call this survival of the fittest at the Kennedy compound in Boulder). 

Helloooooo Cherry Almond Vanilla Smoothie! A little blender action, a splash of almond milk and less than a minute later I’m sipping on what tastes like a chocolate-covered cherry. It’s rich, creamy and down right decadent, especially for three o’ clock in the afternoon. Don’t ask me how it tastes like chocolate—there was no evidence of chocolate in the ingredient list—but it does, and it was delicious! 

I chalk the “mystery” chocolate up-to another example of the sheer culinary magic that comes out of the Tuesday Foods kitchen week after week. Bottomline, sign me up for TF’s Cherry Almond Vanilla Smoothie any day…actually make that every day.

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A little about me…
Hi! I’m Ali Kennedy, a self proclaimed foodie and lover of plant-based cuisine. While not a vegan persay, I’ve found that the complex flavors in good vegan dishes surpass just about anything else out there. I actively seek-out plant-based menus and recipes for this reason. Since I discovered Tuesday Foods, it’s been nothing short of a foodie love affair… 😍 😋