Staying In, Staying Sane.

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Staying In, Staying Sane.

Self Care is so important in these unpredictable times. We have broken down some of our “must-do’s” for staying sane while staying home…

Yoga at Home: While we all miss the group energy of a yoga class at our favorite studio, we are finding the silver lining in a home yoga practice. There’s no rush to get to class on time, no chance of forgetting yoga clothes or a mat, and no worries of finishing that punch pass before it expires. A home yoga practice can save time, energy, and money, and like yoga veteran Rodney Yee says, it’s a time to go into your own body and ask it to be your teacher... “It is a time when you can find your own rhythm… where the genuine knowledge arises. I have observed time and time again that it is when people start to practice at home that the real insights occur."

In the Roaring Fork Valley, local studio owners and instructors are teaching virtual classes on Instagram live, Zoom and YouTube. Via Instagram Live, Aaron King, founder of King Yoga, fuses vinyasa flow with creative sequencing set to his unique music soundtrack. Aspen Shakti offers live classes on its Instagram page and via Zoom (check out Jayne’s famous Buddhi Class!), as well as on its YouTube channel, which is updated daily. O2 Aspen has a stellar line up you won’t want to miss - and (bonus!) you can shop virtually for the most comfy cozies around. And our beloved Basalt teachers are going live at Vimana Yoga.

Daily Om’s Tabata Yoga Shred: sparks whole-body fitness with a powerful blend of yoga + High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) moves designed by anatomy experts. Our favorite, the Tabata Yoga challenge, comes with 16 unique, fun, empowering 25-minute workouts. 

Daily Nature Dose: Fortunately, in the Roaring Fork Valley, spending time outside and exercising are freedoms we can still embrace. We are walking, running, biking and skinning (alone, or space six feet apart) not just for joy, but to maintain our well-being. All it takes is 15 minutes a day of sunshine to raise vitamin D levels, and in turn, boost your immune system. Being outside drops your levels of the stress hormone cortisol, lowers your heart rate and elevates your mood. Spending time in nature can help reset circadian rhythms, which promotes better sleep. Plus, as business owners, chefs and moms, we all experience increased productivity after spending time outside. 

Meditation: We are participating in Jayne Gottlieb and Gretchen Bleiler’s 30 Day Meditation Challenge. During this time of staying in, of less busy-ness, of slowing down - as we attempt to do less, be less, and get still… we were called to check in with ourselves (thank you Aspen Shakti). We, and our Good Clean Team, are dedicating 30 days to go inward. 

Breath work and gentle yoga: Local ayurvedic yoga teacher Kerrie Schur teaches pranayama (breath work), yoga, and Ayurvedic based self-care to support heart, mind, and body—something we all might need more of during this challenging time. Kerrie’s gentle flows help us release stale energy, calm our minds, and explore pathways of nourishment and renewal. 

Dance! Jamie Butemeyer of Move Space Magic is offering virtual dance classes for both kids and adults! From dance cardio to traditional ballet - you will want to zoom in with this one for sure! “dance doesn’t discriminate. dance is inclusive and is meant to be shared. dance is about celebrating what and who you are. dance is about returning to JOY!”

Bright, Vibrant Fruits: The advice to “eat the rainbow” is often used for kids. And while kids especially need a diversity of foods in their diets, so do adults. Our bodies benefit from variety, and for optimal health, we need a rainbow of nutrients and colors. The variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals in fruits have enormous healing powers. We love the instant mood boost provided by a juicy mango, a refreshing kiwi or a handful of tart raspberries. 

Heidi Hat’s Protective Face Masks: Local accessory company Heidi Hat is selling adult and children’s protective face masks to reduce community transmission. Let’s #MaskTogether and show support for those combatting this crisis on the front lines. One size fits most. Kids sizes fit a range of children from 3-12 years old.

Sugar Body Scrub in Lemongrass: With its distinct citrusy, botanical flavor and bright, crisp smell, we like lemongrass on our skin as much as do in our curry! For a healthy-looking glow and silky-smooth result, our all time fave is this Beautycounter Sugar Scrub . While brown sugar buffs away dull skin, hydrating oils and mineral-rich evening primrose leave skin looking supple and smooth. All with an invigorating scent perfect for spring. Hop in a warm bath, put on some zen tunes, polish up and bliss out!

Get Cozy in Cashmere: Our favorite local designer, Gray Aspen, is spinning out spring cashmeres in vibrant colors with a luscious feel and relaxed, cozy fit. Get showered, blow dry your hair, throw on some lip gloss and cashmere up! We promise, your mood with lift.

We hope some of these practices bring love and light to your day…

Stay in. Stay safe. Stay well.