Spring Into Summer! {our Super-Clean 5 Day Reset}

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Spring Into Summer! {our Super-Clean 5 Day Reset}

With the flurry of spring activities, and (can you believe it?) summer arriving soon, we have to admit - the past year has left us feeling a bit less than stellar about our health, energy and vitality, and not to mention a few added "Geez" on the LBS!

It's definitely time to prioritize self-care, friends! That doesn’t mean skipping out on all the fun—fun is crucial for the soul—it just means making space for healthy foods that will keep you feeling light, bright and beautiful. When you start feeling off-center, it’s best to reel things in a bit and give yourself a little reset. Our very favorite way to do that is with our 5 Day Spring Cleanse.

Your body craves real, nourishing food. But sometimes when life gets stressful, healthy eating goes out the window. You’re energy is low or you’re too busy to cook, so you reach for comfort foods or whatever is quick an easy. (Frozen pizza anyone?)

Eventually, your body will start speaking to you in unpleasant ways: fatigue, insomnia, skin problems, bloating, weight gain, sore joints or sugar cravings. When you notice those symptoms, it’s time for a reset—to come back to clean food & vibrant health.

Now, when we want a reset - we still eat good food. Our style of re-calibrating is centered around fresh soups, teas + tonics, smoothies, crunchy salads and nut milks made with organic fruits, veggies and plant-based super foods.

Give us 5 days - Let's reset habits, clear our minds, crush the "Covid Cushion" and cruise into summer feeling light, bright and, well, AWEsome.