Recap On Our Reset With Amiee White Beazley

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Recap On Our Reset With Amiee White Beazley

AB’s Cleanse Recap:


On January 10 we delivered our very first 5 Day Reset to launch into the New Year with a good clean eating routine. Our Reset consisted of morning matcha, magical mineral broth, super boosted smoothies, a variety of vibrant salads (which could be eaten raw or stir-fried), a rainbow of pureed soup and a few extra treats, tonics and snacks. We had the best time tasting, testing and tweaking our method - (and we dare to say that this is our favorite cleanse that we have ever offered?! We finished the five days feeling clean, clear and good!) …But don’t take it from us… friend, colleague and local author, Amiee White Beazley, kept a daily journal about her Reset experience. Dive in for the details here:



Today was the first day of the weekly cleanse and the morning was great. I was ready to dig into the journey and love the beautiful card Lisa and Kelly included with the healthy food delivery, giving me a clear idea of what the timing and right foods were to have and when. I’ve never made Matcha before, but it was simple and delicious, and it filled me up for a couple of hours before I dug into the Cherry Chocolate Smoothie. At lunch I chose the salad with chickpeas and added a couple of dashes of Trader Joe’s Everything Bagel Spice for extra flavor. I am feeling hopeful and excited to give my body the break it needs -- from everything. 

Recognizing habits is one reason why I wanted to be a part of the Reset and two things have already emerged from Day One. I don’t really have a plan for what I eat (I eat what is easily available) and in the afternoon I crave sweets. Right now its 2:15 on Day One and I want the dark chocolate I saw my teenage son enjoying an hour earlier. But I am not going into the kitchen to find it. Instead I’m going to enjoy the broth I didn’t feel hungry enough for earlier today. That will fill me up and give me the boost of energy say, a cup of tea with honey and milk might otherwise provide. I can do this!


Day Two proved to be my challenge day. I was warned by Lisa and Kelly there would be at least one rough day, and for me it was Day Two. I’ve been off of coffee for about a week but it was the sugar detox that really got me today. I heeded Lisa and Kelly’s advice when they said to stick with the plan and you will feel it working, and I did. I exercised intensely on the Peloton today and it jump started my metabolism. After savoring my morning Matcha and delicious smoothie, broth and salad for lunch (to which I added half an avocado), I had a bit of a headache in the afternoon. My body told me to rest and so I laid down for a half hour and took a deep, renewing nap. By dinner time I was ready to end work and enjoy dinner and relax on the couch with the family. 


When I woke up on day three, I felt amazing, calm and in control. My mind felt noticeably clearer. Again, I reviewed the plan and spent some time meditating before the day began. One of the things I love about having plant-based meals delivered to my front door is not having to think about a thing. I’m eating when I’m hungry and not obsessing over what foods I should or should not eat, and I don’t have to obsessively count calories. Having a ready-to-eat meal service takes away one more thing to think about this week and I love it. I used that extra time to walk along the Rio Grande Trail and take in the beauty of the mountains in Aspen. A pretty great day, indeed.


Today I feel like I could do this forever! Woke up ready to take on the day and all my detox symptoms have all gone away. I feel lighter and brighter and overall, more in control of what I am putting in my body, rather than grabbing at every chip that enters my frame of view. The benefits of eating anti-inflammatory foods are most noticeable. The bloat in my stomach after months of stress eating and holiday celebrating is starting to contract. My skin also looks noticeably more refreshed and I’m sleeping like a champ. I’m so happy to be writing this blog so I can remind myself down the road why I should avoid the bread, meat and cheese I eat instinctively. I want to remember this feeling of clarity and control.


Good Clean Food’s weekly cleanse plan is wrapping up today and I’m bummed it’s almost over! I still have a few Reset foods in the fridge, some soup and broth, a piece of the seed bar and some elixirs, so I’m going to keep this good feeling going for another couple of days. More importantly, this experience has reminded me how important it is for me to be planning healthy meals in advance. I am an opportunist when it comes to food and if the mac and cheese I made for the kids is the easiest thing to eat, I find myself taking the path of least resistance. Also, why am I making my kids mac and cheese? A healthy meal plan can be for the entire family and somehow I feel ready to ensure my family craves foods that are not only delicious but will give them plant power too.

I know not every day will be perfect, but the Reset did exactly what I was hoping it would do. Provide me a clean (or cleaner) slate onto which I can build better habits. I feel fantastic and did I mention how glowing my skin looks? Kelly and Lisa have plans to continue the Reset each season with new foods. I am certain I will be a loyal member of this new Reset community, bringing with it lightness, satisfaction and a happier me. 

Now where can I get more of that Matcha?

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