Private Chef Vs. Prepared Food Delivery

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Private Chef Vs. Prepared Food Delivery

Have you always dreamed of hiring a private chef? Someone to take care of grocery shopping and meal prep. How nice would it be to have a private chef to nourish you - and to feed your body through healthy beautiful food, and to take such a huge task off of your plate?

There are few things better than a well-planned, beautiful meal- even better if you don't have to cook it yourself. Even better still if you don’t have to shop for it, prep for it, chop all the goods or clean up too!

Private chefs provide an amazing luxury service. When you are looking to actually spend time with, and enjoy yourself and your family it is so nice to have someone to perform the kitchen work for you. This allows us to gather and savor the time without stressing about the preparation, the meal, and all of the work that goes with it.

Private chef rates can add up quickly. Often at rates of over $100 per hour. This quickly adds up to $500 | day (at least) and upwards from there.


Prepared meal delivery, that’s how! At Good Clean Food, Delivered - we bring a team of highly skilled wellness professionals to construct meals that are beautiful, highly palatable, and nutritionally balanced. You don’t need to shop, you don’t have to chop, and the preparation takes 5 minutes or less. From jar to plate in less than five and cleanup is minimal! All of our recyclable sustainable glassware is dishwasher safe so pop it in and call it a day.

Are you considering meal delivery over hiring a private chef? Take this into account:

  • Meal delivery is more cost effective than hiring a private chef.

  • You get the benefits of prepared food without having someone come into your home.

  • You receive professional - one on one health coaching from us as needed. We are here to support and assist you from your first breakfast to your last bite of chia.

  • You can feed your family for one week for the price of a private chef for one day (or for just one meal!)

  • Good Clean Food provides a waste free option for the waste ridden food delivery industry. You can feel great about using our glass jar system.

Private chefs have a huge place in our hearts - they are the people we work with and love. Our structure at Good Clean Food provides these talented artisans a stable year-round position, and also allows them time for catering and special events. This provides our clients with the highest quality of food on a weekly basis, delivered with ease, at a fraction of the cost.

Food delivery brings ease, freedom, and budget-ability to high end eating. Give it a try and let us know what you think!