Our Friends At Aspen Elevated Health

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Our Friends At Aspen Elevated Health


We offer our clients a chance to disconnect from the stress of modern living. All of our services, from acupuncture to energy medicine, focus on treating the root cause of disharmony in our clients' lives. Our therapists respond to your individual needs by working with the body, mind and spirit in tandem to restore harmony and balance to your well-being.

Aspen Elevated Health delivers a complimentary suite of healing modalities dedicated to your total body health and wellbeing through the integration of old world methods and modern day techniques. We are redefining wellness. 

- the Team at Aspen Elevated Health

Aspen Elevated Health is 100% dedicated to bringing our community the best, most revolutionary healing modalities. A personal wellness sanctuary, this is a magical place to restore, recharge and be renewed. This year they are proud to introduce a new modality: Bioenergetic Testing. Bioenergetics gets to the source of underlying health issues - by identifying root causes you will be able to discover the path forward. Bioenergetic Testing is especially useful for individuals dealing with chronic health concerns like allergies, digestive issues, fatigue, pain, depression, sleeplessness, skin complaints and more.


Nationally Certified as a Diplomat of Oriental Medicine, a Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, Brittany holds a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine with over 3340 hours of clinical and didactic training from Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, Co.

Brittany was drawn to Chinese Medicine, especially for the way it honors the spiritual aspect of healing. She felt this was a missing ingredient in allopathic medicine. She knew there was a better way. Drawing on her keen intuition and deep compassion, Brittany connects and listens to the body and soul, tuning into what each client uniquely needs to heal.

Brittany is a grounded empath with the ability to connect directly to source energy as a channel for healing. She meets her clients where they are; communicating both clinical and spiritual remedies in a relatable way. Her treatments at Aspen Elevated Health seek to create a deeper integration of mind, body and spirit, empowering her clients to connect to their true self.


A certified Health Practitioner with a specialization in BioScan Technology, Chris discovered alternative health care after years of persuing Lyme Disease treatments for her family. Alternative healthcare offered such profound results that there was no turning back. It is her passion to share these healing modalities that she has found to be so beneficial.

Chris believes in the body’s ability to heal naturally if given the right tools. Continually learning, Chris has recently completed her certification as a Holistic Health Care Practitioner. Her education is ongoing and includes training with Dr. Linda Lancaster – founder of The Milk Cleanse.


Mernie launched her practice in Carbondale, Colorado, after years of health-minded travels. Cooking Ayurvedic meals for yogis in France, then to India for her yoga instructor certification at Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center. Her heart and mind were immersed in different cultures of healing and health, which propelled her towards learning more about the personal journey: how to care for the Self.

Mernie furthered her search for health and wellness at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where she was trained in more than 150 dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. As your health coach, Mernie takes a holistic approach to determine how best she can help you on your health journey. She specializes in mindfulness, dietary patterns and reshaping habits to channel your best life in personalized one on one sessions.


Brittany’s reputation proceeded her, to say the least. Nationally Certified as a Diplomat of Oriental Medicine, a Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, Brittany holds a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine. She has such a youthful aura and a deep confident wisdom. 

Nestled in the west end of Aspen, I entered the elevated health offices, having no idea what I was in for. A beautiful serene space that immediatly calmed my nerves. Greeted with warm hello’s and beautiful January sunshine beaming through the picture windows, I cuddled in at reception and awaited my appointment. 

I was open and excited. Having filled out a questionnaire online, I was trusting that Brittany would guide me into whatever treatment I might need… was this going to be massage (hope so!) acupuncture, cupping, energy healing…? I was unsure but open to any and all…

The treatment room is oh-so-serene and I settled into an even more relaxed space. Brittany checked my pulse and my tongue and quickly deduced what treatment would be right for me based on our conversation and my physical + emotional ailments. 

I de-robed down and cozied onto the table - immediately relaxed and open to whatever might come my way. She started with a gentle upper back massage and moved quickly into cupping. It was almost instantly euphoric - feeling the stagnant energy and emotion rising up and out of my body. From there she moved onto acupuncture, and energy healing and the most relieving jaw massage that I have ever received. As I lay on the table, face up for the second part of treatment, I drifted into another realm - expansive, a calm cocoon of holding and healing. When the treatment came to a close after about 90 minutes I felt my pulse calmer, my nervous system regulated, and grounded in a way that I haven’t felt in a VERY long time. We closed with conversation about next steps and how to support chi and blood building through traditional Chinese herbs. I was so excited to continue the journey I popped these herbs down the hatch right in reception! I can feel, a few days later, that the treatment is still integrating and I am absorbing the shift with open arms. I can’t wait to get back into the office, into that cocoon of healing, and onto that treatment table to receive - it was everything I needed and more. 

… and next on my list: booking with Chris Fredette, for Bioenergetics. Bring on the healing!